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if she is older, still laugh, “And to think that I was too afraid to ask for your number because I thought you weren’t even in your twenties!” (again see her reaction if positive or not) If positive— well, since you are “of age” would it be so strange for a mysterious stranger to just come out and ask for your number? If not a positive reaction, you can always make your exit confidently “Well, you couldn’t say I didn’t try:) I hope you have a great day.”

and then just smile and walk away. If anything, you at least flattered her and made her smile. The longer you wait to do this (you’ve already waited too long so you need to act asap!) the more you will psyche yourself out. Smiles from teenage girls mean nothing. They could just be smiley girls. You have to take the risk to get a definite yes or no.

There’s really no way around that. Some girls just like to flatter themselves and look at guys and make them wonder. Some really are interested. There’s no way of telling unless you make the approach.

And your next question? For the possibility of love, it’s ALWAYS worth giving it a go! And if not for love, to challenge yourself to face your fear and to get out of your comfort zone!

NOOOOOO anonymous note! That is Stalkerish!!!! She will look at it, then look around scared. Who knows this is my car? Has someone been following me?

RestCalm? Says:
January 19th, 2012 at 2:34 am
Thanks MidoriLei?,

I am almost 100% positive she likes me.

I don’t think she cares about the age difference, because she seems to be doing the chasing. Again if I am reading things right.